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Bringing your company's vision to life, through logo and merchandising design services!

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Create a logo that is unique, modern and fits with our message to our clients - embrace where you're at with your fitness.

The Result

The final logo concept came from the letter M used in their name. The heart because the message is to love where you're at. I also initially designed the shape to look like shoulders and elbows working out but as soon as they saw it, they saw hands making a heart. I can't unsee this now.

The Review

We fell in love with our logo at first sight. It was perfect. My business partner and I are two very different people with totally different styles and preferences. Annie was able to create a design that we both loved and agreed on immediately. The logo made us official, Annie’s vision was the start of our company.

We are currently working with Annie again for our new merchandise. Once again, she has wowed us with her ideas.

Annie has a gift and she shares it with grace. She gives one-on-one attention and really hears your ideas, likes and dislikes. She will create a unique logo that makes your brand stand out.

The Brief

The Brief

Create a simple modern logo for our CBD products. We want it to stand out on the shelves and we don't want the typical leaf logo.

The Result

The final logo concept displays a falling off droplet incased in a circle. This represents the carefully produced products that are infused with precise quantities for quality control. 

The Review

I have worked with numerous design and marketing teams throughout my career. That landscape is wrought with challenges that can take up valuable time and frequently deliver under expectation. 

It was such a positive experience working with Annie.  In our first meeting she brain stormed with us to help direct us to a final product that fit our requirements completely. Her recommendations were right on the mark!  Annie has a tremendous eye and process for both an elegant or  simple, yet unique design. 

Knowing how to guide your customers to a result that satisfies their design concepts and “hearing” what they want  is a real talent. 

I recommend working with Annie any chance you have. She is an insightful and talented design professional. 

Working with Annie took the pressure off the daunting creative side of creating a business.

It was an awesome process throughout and she even helped us better define our company name to fit our customer base. 

She consumed our ideas during our brainstorm meeting and created our logo, which is simple, memorable and unique. 

Annie is always there to support us with additional social media ideas and merchandise. 

Annie takes on board any feedback without taking it personally. 

The Brief

Create a logo that represents a local handyman. 

Simple, fun and unique.

The negative space in the final design, represents David's indoor and outdoor scope of abilities. The font style was inspired by Guns and Roses, Appetite for Destruction album cover. David loved that style of font and he also loves cobalt blue. 

The Result

The Review

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